Eclipse, SDL and linking HELL

I am using Linux Mint 64 bit system.
I started writing some base code using SDL2 and I wanted to try out Eclipse; you know IDE and stuff instead of good old VI. The default way I use to include and link SDL2 to my application is to pass `sdl2-config –cflags` to the CXXFLAGS and `sdl2-config –libs` to the LDFLAGS.
Eclipse, in all its glory gave me a way to pass the include flags.
Project->Properties->C/C++Build ->Settings->GCC C++ Compiler->Miscellaneous-> “Other Flags” and just append `sdl2-config –cflags`
This works.
Then comes the linking part because I kept getting SDL_Init “unresolved symbol” and no matter what I tried it did not work. After a lot of fighting I realised that
Project->Properties->C/C++Build ->Settings->GCC C++ Linker->Miscellaneous->Linker Flags -Xlinker provide the linking files *BEFORE* the .o files are linked. What I needed was a way to provide the `sdl2-config –libs` *AFTER* all the .o files are listed. So for anyone out there the solution I have for now is to append `sdl2-config –libs` to the value in
Project->Properties->C/C++Build ->Settings->GCC C++ Linker-> “Expert settings: Command line pattern”

Very inconsistent. I hope this gets fixed soon.
Ofcourse if anyone thinks there is a better way to do this, I’d welcome comments


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