I just realised that I’ve been posting more on Twitter than on my blog. Must fix this.

Anyway lately I’ve change the things that pull me. Considering the crazy cold weather here I had decided to make the most of the warm weather and perform some physically taxing activities. Included are taking the kids for a walk and having to chase them.

More than that I started and for the first time in my life actually worked on cars. Yes. Cars. Something that very few folks from Software world would imagine although the first things in OOPS is the car analogy. I can say with reasonable amount of confidence, that the analogy is based on simplifying the problem domain and I do not think the analogy answers questions appropriately anymore.

I purchased a 2008 Maxima and it had significant hail damage. I am not fixing any of the damage. It is a high value car for the simple reason that its powertrain is in a good shape and it is the last of the 6th generation Maximas. The engine VQ35E is pretty much bullet proof and best of all has a timing chain.

Lam, a colleague at work, knows his way around a car. I am quite lucky to have spotted him and he’s mentored me in quite a few aspects around the car. With Youtube for theory and Lam for reviewing my work I managed to work on quite a few pieces including wheel bearing hub, rotors, brake pads, electrical work on the window, inner fender liner and a bunch of other pieces. More importantly I mustered up enough courage to help Rakesh, another colleague, replace his serpentine belt. This means a lot to me and sometime after this Winter I’d like to get going with a proper engine swap or even better an engine rebuild. Hopefully on a Subaru as I love those cars.