Adventures in DIY

It began as what should I do this weekend and ended up with me owning and fixing a bicycle.
Last weekend I went by a yard sale where I spotted a Schwinn Aluminium bicycle. Upon a little digging the owner was willing to part with it for $15. Well it can’t hurt and atmost I’ll give up and drop it off at Salvation Army. So I bought it, brought it home and checked what the status on the bicycle was. Turns out the chain was jammed due to massive grime buildup, the two rims were wobbly and needed truing, the hand grips were more like booby traps, brakes were misaligned and more importantly the front tire and tube had burst open (presumably because the front wheel sat right in front of the exhaust on their car)
So off I went looking for all the parts. I could have paid like 100 USD to get all these things fixed but where’s the fun in doing that? So instead I made myself a new project.
Here are all the things I bought and/or had to use on the bicycle. Some were from Walmart while others were from Home Depot:
1) Tire
2) Tube
3) Bike lock
4) Grip gloves
5) Vinyl gloves
6) Wire brush
7) Simple Green
8) Dupont Teflon Silicone lubricant
9) Rags
10) Spoke wrench
11) Bearing grease
12) Bike helmet

Mind you that I did not have to purchase all of these. I had some already with me. Overall the bill I spent directly or indirectly on the bike would come to $70. I can guess that of these only the spoke wrench ($8) is a one time use thing. Others are perfectly usable on regular basis. I bought the Teflon/Silicone to fix my squeaky mechanical keyboard btw.
Overall I got the bike ready to roll for $85. I am certain that my bill would have been 140 instead of 70 had I gone for a professional repair shop and in all probability they would have done a much better job. I wanted this to be my project. Heck if I can’t fix a measly bicycle I don’t think I’ll be in any shape to fix anything else right?
When I first rode it, it was awesome and then I started noticing some kinks. The gears were slipping a bit and the chain fell off. I am certain this is a minor tweak as the chain is in good condition. I am thinking about a DIY lighting hack sometime later.
I must thank the numerous videos on Youtube where folks taught me a ton of things especially this video


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