Google Galaxy Nexus and Exchange server connectivity woes

I faced my first time wasting task today – connecting the newly acquired Galaxy Nexus from Google to my company’s Exchange server. I will be quite candid – Jelly Bean has a lot of issues with stuff strewn all over the place.

I am not entirely sure which one of the following actually got the exchange server connection working but I am pretty close to sure it was the workflow I was using.

Symptoms: I set up the email account by adding a new account, then setup the exchange server details, it connects to the server (I checked using the outlook web app) successfully and then hangs at “Waiting for sync”. The one thing I noticed was that the application would tell about “Enforced security” but I would never get a pop-up that sets the security.

Typical steps: Delete account, got to Settings->Apps->Email and then clear data/clear cache after every thing I tried, I would execute the above steps.

Please note that my company’s exchange information had a different format for username and a different form for the exchange server url.

A list of the factors:

– PIN setup before hand: I had a pattern unlock for security setup before I started setting up the email. When it did not work I changed the pattern to PIN lock and tried again. Then I changed it to “None” so I did not have any security measures. None of these helped.

– Manual setup: When I was adding the account my company’s auth scheme and exchange server were different from the defaults being populated in the Email app. So when I entered the email id + passwd and pressed next it would always fail with authentication. After this, I started entering these details and pressing “Manual setup” directly. This is the step that might have had the highest probability in contributing to the success because I did not do this for a long time while fiddling with other parameters. In the step that brought be SUCCESS! I did not hit manual setup. Instead I hit next, let the app auth fail then proceeded to enter the details again.

– Auto sync: Settings -> Data usage -> Mobile data was on. I turned it off (I do not have a data plan as yet)

Mobile data.Settings -> Auto-sync data off is the current setting. I did turn this setting on and off a few times.



This seems to happen whenever I disable auto-sync feature. Mind you it doesn’t always happen but it goes away if I enable the auto sync and then sync. Then if I disable auto sync things work fine.


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