Doom 3 BFG

Started working on the BFG code base. Must say it is niiiiiice. My current setup:

– Alienware M14xR1

– External display (primary) – 1920×1080

– Visual Studio 2010 Express edition

– Github

– Doom 3 BFG from Steam

A few things I wanted to list out for everyone’s benefit:

– I had bad luck trying to get the code base to work on VS 2012 mostly around pre-compiled libararies. The existing libraries from Doom3 BFG use VS 2010 so the updated compiler is complaining about the MSC_VER 1700 instead of 1600. Will get to this later. VS2010 seems to be working fine

– If you are using an external monitor like I am you need to play a few tricks. Ref:

– I am using Win SDK 7.1. Otherwise atlbase.h and a few other header files will not be located

My repository (cloned from ID’s Doom3 BFG repository) is at


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