Grilled (more or less) Veggie Sandwich

I made an amazing tasting veggie sandwich today. No pics to prove it – finished it quickly. Here’s the recipe:
– Sour dough bread *(bought it from Boulangerie. A small mom and pop store that sells fresh bread). If the bread does not rot/decompose when exposed to the elements is not good bread for me
– Red capsicum
– Green capsicum
– Red onions
– Provolone cheese (from Costco)
– Lemon
– Olive oil
– Thousand Island dressing
I sliced the capsicum and the onions into thin slices. Then sauteed the veggies over low heat. Once they started turning brown I took them off the pan. This is to ensure that the veggies are decent cooked but are still crunchy. Then on the heated pan I put the two slices of bread, still over low heat, placed a slice of Provolone cheese and let it heat for a little while. On top of this I added the veggies, some salt, pepper and a whee bit of “sambar kharam” (a mixture of spices. don’t know the composition). I let it heat till the cheese melted.
After this I used a little Thousand Island dressing and voila. It was done.


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