Raspberry Pi

Santa came with a couple of PIs. 😀
Tried starting the two RPIs but had a bucket load of issues. Anyway here’s the gist of what worked for me:
– 32 GB Patriot Lx SDHC did not work
– win32diskimager works but only when running in admin mode (Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS)
– Used the 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian.img image
– SD card contacts seem to be a bit bad in RPI so I had to move it around
– Temperature doesn’t seem to have had any problems for mine
– USB Microsoft Ergo 4000 Keyboard + Logitech Marble mouse work fine off the USB slots
– SD card I am using now is Sony 16 GB SDHC. Works fine.
– Nokia 8 GB SDHC Micro SD card with SD card adapter works fine
– Ordered from Element 14 as Allied Electronics is just plain stupid. They did not ship the RPIs for more than 8 weeks. When I emailed to find out the status apparently they could not charge my credit card. So I did not get any notification and how am I supposed to know the problem? Element 14 orders work fine


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