Doom 3 BFG bug?

I have to ultra careful when I put John Carmack’s blessed code and bug in the same sentence but I believe there is a way to lock up the game.
Launch the BFG exe with the +devmap

from command line and the game does not proceed beyond the :Saving: screen. This appears to be happening because the profile does not get initialised before selecting the game type on the game launch. Further down the profile gets saved along with saved games. If the profile does not exist one need not save it.
Would be nice if someone can tell me if this is a bug indeed. Already pushed a fix to my git hub account.


Doom 3 BFG

Started working on the BFG code base. Must say it is niiiiiice. My current setup:

– Alienware M14xR1

– External display (primary) – 1920×1080

– Visual Studio 2010 Express edition

– Github

– Doom 3 BFG from Steam

A few things I wanted to list out for everyone’s benefit:

– I had bad luck trying to get the code base to work on VS 2012 mostly around pre-compiled libararies. The existing libraries from Doom3 BFG use VS 2010 so the updated compiler is complaining about the MSC_VER 1700 instead of 1600. Will get to this later. VS2010 seems to be working fine

– If you are using an external monitor like I am you need to play a few tricks. Ref:

– I am using Win SDK 7.1. Otherwise atlbase.h and a few other header files will not be located

My repository (cloned from ID’s Doom3 BFG repository) is at

Grilled (more or less) Veggie Sandwich

I made an amazing tasting veggie sandwich today. No pics to prove it – finished it quickly. Here’s the recipe:
– Sour dough bread *(bought it from Boulangerie. A small mom and pop store that sells fresh bread). If the bread does not rot/decompose when exposed to the elements is not good bread for me
– Red capsicum
– Green capsicum
– Red onions
– Provolone cheese (from Costco)
– Lemon
– Olive oil
– Thousand Island dressing
I sliced the capsicum and the onions into thin slices. Then sauteed the veggies over low heat. Once they started turning brown I took them off the pan. This is to ensure that the veggies are decent cooked but are still crunchy. Then on the heated pan I put the two slices of bread, still over low heat, placed a slice of Provolone cheese and let it heat for a little while. On top of this I added the veggies, some salt, pepper and a whee bit of “sambar kharam” (a mixture of spices. don’t know the composition). I let it heat till the cheese melted.
After this I used a little Thousand Island dressing and voila. It was done.

Raspberry Pi

Santa came with a couple of PIs. 😀
Tried starting the two RPIs but had a bucket load of issues. Anyway here’s the gist of what worked for me:
– 32 GB Patriot Lx SDHC did not work
– win32diskimager works but only when running in admin mode (Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS)
– Used the 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian.img image
– SD card contacts seem to be a bit bad in RPI so I had to move it around
– Temperature doesn’t seem to have had any problems for mine
– USB Microsoft Ergo 4000 Keyboard + Logitech Marble mouse work fine off the USB slots
– SD card I am using now is Sony 16 GB SDHC. Works fine.
– Nokia 8 GB SDHC Micro SD card with SD card adapter works fine
– Ordered from Element 14 as Allied Electronics is just plain stupid. They did not ship the RPIs for more than 8 weeks. When I emailed to find out the status apparently they could not charge my credit card. So I did not get any notification and how am I supposed to know the problem? Element 14 orders work fine