Meet my new best friend, Salicylic Acid

It has been a terrible 4 years now with crazy warts on my feet. HPV, the virus that causes plantar warts, seems to be invisible to my immune system and it survives. I’ve been to a few doctors before but none actually helped me understand what was going on till I met Dr Hamilton. He tells me that in essence all that he is doing to get the immune system recognise the wart. Good man doesn’t take credit for destroying the wart itself.
The story goes like this. Once you get a wart it generally goes away once the immune system realises its presence. In some cases, like mine, something is off. So the wart sticks around. Left untreated these warts are harmless but occasionally hurt and sometimes hinder movement. I left them alone for a long time till they started to multiply and I had some discomfort walking on certain days.
Dr Hamilton first froze the warts using liquid Nitrogen. Hurt like hell. All it did was give me a momentary feeling of victory because the warts always grow back. The idea of using cryotherapy was to get through to as many layers of the warts as possible and then let Salicylic acid work its way out. Essentially to shorten the time it takes to treat the wart. Right now I am using Mediplast bands to cover the warts and I peel off the wart and the skin along. Essentially a digging job.
I was thinking about posting pics but then it would be rather hard to stomach it for some people. Let us leave it at, well it seems to be working well for me now.


Routers and exp with DD-WRT

So I decided to go out and buy a new router mostly because I wanted to get my parents a router that behaves well. The one my parents have right now is a terrible one. It is an el cheapo Linksys router but I don’t remember the model name. If the power goes out, and believe me it happens atleast once a day, the router would just hang in there once the power came back. We had to manual disconnect the power and get it back again. Least to say this was rather horrible. Then the router just stopped working and for the first time in my life I felt good when an electronic device died on me.

So I was researching what routers I could possibly buy and I opted for a Linksys WRT160N v3. Two reasons drove me to it – first it had to be reasonably cheap and second I wanted to check out DD-WRT. I must say that all these router manufacturers should make themselves a nice hot cup of tea and drown in it. How can something made by hobbyists be so much better than a product that people pay for (I am referring to the UI, behaviour etc;). Let me explain.

When I bought the WRT160N I did not want to flash the firmware as yet. So I switched my existing router and plugged this one in. Lo behold it worked, for exactly 6 hrs. Then it started acting up. Connections were dropping, the network was slow and I was not sure what happened. Being a man of patience (read: lazy) I tolerated it. Last night though it hit the peak and I was not going for it anymore. So when I woke up in the morning I did all the research and decided that it was worth a shot, even if I brick the stupid router. It would be rather light brick though.

I am posting this after having strained the router from over 6 devices, playing netflix, youtube HD, Hulu and a bunch of other things. Not a flinch. Not one thing. I am impressed. Well done Linksys you did the right thing by making a piece of hardware that others could make better.