Nightmares with Open Workbench

I wanted to use a Project Planning tool and I did not have MS Project Plan. So I thought about using another tool. Turns out there is one out there called Open Workbench. Long story short, the source code has been kicked around a lot through acquisitions and people forgot about this code almost 3 years ago. So the tool is currently stuck @ 1.1.6 version. With it came issues like going bonkers with 64 bit systems and updates to Java. I mean even the original website listed in wikipedia is dead.

Anyway, I was getting an error saying it could not locate JRE 1.5 and that I had to install it. Ofcourse the software is stupid. It was around installed on my system but that OWB could not locate it. I bounced off of a few websites and none helped. So I put on my bug adder hat (read: Programmer) and thought – how could I possible write code that would fk up in the near future. I bounced off a lot of things but the final out come is that I solved it.

Here’s what you need to do.

I use Windows 7, 64 bit and the JRE was latest – version 7. First uninstall JRE and get yourself JRE v6 32 bit version. 64 bit version don’t seem to be working. Don’t ask why. Then install OWB 1.1.6. Run it in Windows 98/ME compatibility mode (right click on the exe, pick properties and switch to compatibility tab). That should solve the problems. I am not sure if adding the “JavaMemory*” variable to registry actually helped since it did not help me.

Along the way I came across weird errors like some MSVCR1000.dll missing and nonsense like that. It all worked fine when I installed it the way I had described above.


How Microsoft makes sure that Apple doesn’t have to do much to destroy MS

“It runs better than Windows 7”. This is what I kept reading in the interviews with folks from MS. That’s not how you do it. Windows 7 is the flagship product and the only one that they can sell right now. Why does MS insist on comparing 8 and 7? Why not just say what makes 8 better and it better not be because 7 does it worse.

The first reaction I had when I read the stories on Win 8 is that MS is trying to sell me more bling. Nice, but tell me how are you controlling ALL of the user experience? UX starts, not from when you start the OS but from when you open the box. All those unboxing videos on YouTube should be an indicator of what it means to use a product.

If I were around to launch something like the Win 8 I’d just start off saying Win 7 is the most awesome product and Win 8 is my next big contribution to OSes. Don’t ever talk to me about memory usage when I am just trying to use the OS. I want to know about the memory when I am a developer not an Office user.

Having multiple interfaces will be tricky to say the least. It can back fire in most cases but I can be sure that it all depends on how the UX guys decided the flow would end up being. I really wish this will happen seamlessly. BTW don’t introduce more than 2 versions of the same OS – EVER. One targeted at HOME and the other for OFFICES. Also make sure that you don’t offer the multiple interfaces in multiple versions. All interfaces must be available in all versions. You developed the code for it, might as well get it onto people’s computers.