Angry German Kid, I feel you bro

I feel the exact same way the angry German kid feels. I bought the Orange Box about 3 weeks ago (and today TF2 goes free to play) mostly because I wanted to play TF2.Everytime I launch the game, it takes around 30 mins to download a ton of updates. So the boot up time is essentially 30 mins for TF2. Why? Updates. These are the updates that I don’t know about because I don’t see them. Besides, why so many updates? New flashy hat? Hey great! It looks awesome, but I don’t care. Worse yet, why such big ones? Oh don’t even get me started on how bad the connections get. I get at most 300KB/s, but mostly 100KB/s  when I can easily see 500KB/s.

I really love Valve and consider it to be one of the great temples of game development. You just shouldn’t make an enemy out of me because you are quite excited about making me feel more good. That’s like drowning me in a sea because you know water is good for health and we need lots of water. Don’t hug me so close, Valve, that I die of asphyxiation. For your reference, dearest, Valve, this is who I sympathise with at the moment:


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