Rise of the narcissistic smugs

Dr House and Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) are two of the best examples I can give for the new trend of having geniuses who are smugs. The character has a typical trait – a genius sociopath who has great insights into the human psyche and they use it to make everyone around them miserable. Sort of a hedgehog, the closer people get to the critter the more it becomes prickly. And what is it with broken relationships being glorified? House never seems to get along with his “Boss” neither does Jane get along with his “Boss”. Is this how people percieve Sherlock Holmes? Since when did being miserable become “kewl”?

On a different hand it is refreshing to see some really good and intelligent comedy – not the push a button to force people to laugh series. Friends, comes to my mind. Never really understood how that was supposed to be a comedy. Anyone who wants to feel good comedy – go take a look @ Black Adder or Red Dwarf or Jeeves and Wooster or Fry and Laurie. Even Mr Bean is better than the best of Friends. One welcome change is 30 Rock. Tina Fey – great job. Californication (albeit only the 1st season) was a series that caught my attention mostly because the series was not afraid of doing something edgy.


One response to “Rise of the narcissistic smugs

  1. I was searching for more tv-shows with intelligent narcissistic main characters… too bad you only mention the ones which I already know. 😀 I want more shows with intelligent smugs!! 😀

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