Why the Wii U doesn’t give me a hardon

Nintendo released a new console @ E3 named the Wii U. I looked @ the online video which was more about people acting up in a white room than games that looked fun. Iwata apparently said that they should have done a better job at presenting the console than they did. I think that they should have come up with a better idea. Here are my issues with the new console.

It definitely is backwards compatible with the Wii. Nintendo took a beating with the N64 (PS) and the Gamecube (PS2) because they were only evolving and not revolutionising gaming. Wii, NDS and the GBA changed the way things actually worked in video games. The Wii U is again an iteration. I never felt bad about low powered hardware on the Wii because the beauty of the console is the controller and WHAT we can DO with it. Sure it had quirks but who gives a damn? Wii U games will definitely have great sales but it doesn’t leave a mark on gaming yet because it is just an iteration.

Compare that to the Kinect. It just took all the controls from the Wii and said – hey no controls anymore. Well that’s a revolution. Computer Vision has been a subject for academics for a very long time but shoving it into a console changed the face of the 360. I was expecting something bigger than Nintendo and no I do not have any ideas when it comes to this subject. If I had, I’ll not write about it on my blog. I’ll build a company around it.

Spiced up hardware will not get Nintendo anywhere. Who gives a damn about more white boxes in the living room? It is important to note that the difference will be what is it that you can do with this device that you could not do earlier? Wii controller just gave positional feedback. You could not get that from traditional controllers. Kinect gives a full skeleton recognition that no one could do earlier. While a good idea is important, getting good results, consistently is even more important for any hardware.


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