Nokia and stupid messages

Everytime Nokia opens an SSL/HTTPS connection my 5800 Xpress music says “Opening a secure connection. Others cannot view the content of the connection”. I thought that it was a good thing no one else can spook on my connections. What is Nokia trying to say here? Sending me mixed messages?



Eh… would a psychic know that I won’t pay him/her at the end of the session and still go ahead?

Doctor Who

Is it just me or do the last two episodes of Doctor seem like they should be wiped out of time … by the Doctor himself? Probably the two most boring episode since the beginning of time itself

30 Rock

I despise Friends. 30 Rock has to be one of those rare breeds of American TV shows that are sensible, have a good sense of humour and don’t force feed me stupid and bland lines that they call “comedy”. Tina Fey – you are awesome. Now let me get this straight – don’t fk it up. You are doing a good job. Try new things but let them be creativity and not corporate profiteering.