Of Cricket, Doordarshan and adverts

First of all let me tell you that I watch cricket only occasionally to see what’s up with the players. I can equally get this information from the internet but I like to see how they behave on the field. Hence I rarely watch cricket nowadays. I love to play but don’t really give a whole lot of thought to watching someone else play it, especially on a TV.

So while watching the SA vs IND series I noticed something. My TV screen does not belong to me any more. Have you seen the number of adverts we get bombarded with nowadays? First it was the advert breaks between overs. Then it was the advert breaks when a wicket fell. Now I noticed that the actual game only gets about 1/3 of the screen while there are these adverts donning the borders of the TV even when the bowler is running up for the ball. Oh and just when the ball has left the bowler’s hand, the video feed gets to full screen. *phew*, finally, I can watch cricket. But wait, now I notice that the area to the left and the right of the batsman is donning adverts composited into the screen. Eh, I can’t spot the slip. Oh God!! It’s a catch where was the ball? Oh nooooo, it’s disappeared behind the composite work. Brilliant move Ten Sports, you’ve ruined the game for me and welcome to Doordarshan.

When this was happening I thought about DD National. I switched to it and I notice that it was the Ayurveda Ministry that was tossing adverts between the overs and … well some vehicle lubricant advert using “Apples”. It was then that I realised that I was pretty much missing the first ball of almost every over because of the adverts between the over change. DD National seems to be light on adverts but the commentary was killing my brain cells. Such bland and dull talk is probably the reason I stopped watching cricket in the first place.

What’s happening with this advertising spam? As far as I can remember I pay for these channels already. Then why am I being bombarded with these adverts? Am I paying to watch these adverts? It looks like I am subsidising the adverts. The more the viewers (TRP ratings?) the worse the number of adverts. In fact it looks more like they want me to watch cricket during the break between these advert breaks. Ridiculous, I’d say.


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