Bad news for RIM

This is definitely bad news for RIM and it is bad news for me since I’ve been betting on Blackberry making inroads into the smarphone market. Losing market share to iPhone is one thing but coming in the 5th place in a customer satisfaction survey is horrible. Even worse is the fact that Samsung beat RIM.

I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve noticed that most of the talks from Blackberry tend to take aim at iPhone. That’s a sad situation to be because all that does is set the upper bar to “iPhone”. Actually you are fighting a battle on iPhone’s terms and there is no way you can win because Apple’s CEO happens to be a dude with a reality distortion bubble around him. Do you have anyone like that huh huh? Instead rely on good technology and customer experience. It doesn’t mean that you stick more beef into the cellphone. Give developers a good hand and trust me you will have so many good apps that you will have to worry about cluttered “desk space”. Hey, that’s a nice problem to have 😉


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