I like it. Here’s a movie that took the Telugu/Tamil/Indian movie industry a notch up. I will not say that we are ready for Hollywood quality but we are definitely inching towards it. The important thing now is that the next movie that uses fx/compositing work MUST aim for something higher than Robo. I could see some glaring issues (like when the Robo saves numerous people from fire) and this is just a matter of finesse.

While I come from gamedev, I know how it feels to make a good quality work versus a bad quality one. It is be pretty similar when it comes to movies. We tend to have an overlap on the toolchain although gamedev has more focus on realtime response than movies. I hope to someday see good development work from the Indian cinema. Let’s say Terminator 2 class compositing/CG work in the next 3 years.

BTW the movie that impressed be before Robo was Magadheera. Although the number of scenes that used CG were very few, it still made me feel optimistic. Will it be that the movie industry will be the beacon of creativity before gamedev? I am not sure but either one will make me a happy panda.


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