Drilling holes in the plate from which you eat

aka AT&T’s policy toward their customers. ref: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/12/iphone-caps/

A fundamental point that many ISPs raise nowadays is about the so called bandwidth hogs. When an ISP sells me a network connection saying that it is a 2Mbps line and then in the fine print somewhere state that it is “max 2Mbps”, I would like to call it fraud. If it is max 2Mbps, why don’t you sell me a connection with max 400 Tbps or whatever is the bandwidth available at India’s exit nodes? What matters is the minimum bandwidth. Load balancing makes sense only when there is strain on the network and not when you want to deploy less infrastructure and charge people exorbitant amounts for what is a network connection on crutches. If you promise a network bandwidth of 2Mbps it means that I get that bandwidth regardless of what my neighbour uses. It also means that I should be able to fully utilise the bandwidth without the ISP cribbing about me being a bandwidth hog. What’s next? Sever the connection, still call me a customer and charge me for not using the service? Umm wait that’s what the govt does so well.


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