“Stay away from politics and concentrate on cricket” – Bal Thackeray


Those are the words of Bal Thackeray, the next fascist leader who wants to keep Mumbai “clean” by moving everyone out. Exactly what gives him the right to say that? Mumbai is a part of India and that means that anyone should be allowed to enter the territory. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings but isn’t that exactly what the JKLF said to “liberate” Kashmir from India?

All that apart, why should Sachin not move into politics? Who is Bal Thackeray to say that? Sachin has done his bit for Indian cricket. What has Bal Thackeray done for “aam admi”? Oh wait, he goes around inciting communal violence. That’s his resume. If I read between the lines, isn’t Bal Thackeray threatening Sachin? Is he saying that politics is HIS turf and no one else is allowed to tresspass? Bal Thackeray sahib, if you do YOUR job and no one else needs to enter politics. You still haven’t cleaned up Mumbai’s streets off of the filth. How many Marathis have you saved from near death?

B.R Ambedkar said that violence is not a means of bringing change when there are constitutional means to do the same. If you want to make Mumbai “for Mumbaikars only” do it via the constitution. Show me that you are serious about this – expel Amitabh Bachan from Mumbai and I will admire you as a man of his word.

On an unrelated note, I guess Sachin will never get into this mess. It is pointless for him to degrade himself to the same level as Bal Thackeray. Sachin was never a man of many words. I guess he needs his bat to do the talking this time around, again.


The Prime Minister’s safety claims the life of a citizen


That, my friends, is how India works. The most important people (VIPs/VVIPs) trample over the “aam admi” (common man). This, in the name of security, is the highlight of the irritation that one faces in India. Why do we have anyone designated a VIP anyway? Why are they important? Why do they get the whole road blocked everytime they move around? Why should the common man have to put up with this nonsense?

If these VIPs have to wade through the traffic, I will bet that the traffic situation in India will get better. It is only because they don’t have to face the music (pun intended) of the honking horns that they are apathetic toward many of the other problems.