Indian Independence

Independence – I don’t understand what it means. Did we gain independence from the British only to be enslaved by our own? Take a look at how corrupt the govt is in all aspects. The Right to Information act has so many holes now that you could call it the only measurable transparent law in the constitution. I also wonder if we gained independence too easily. I am not sure what true independence would mean. Compared to say, Pakistan or even Somalia, I know that we are better off in India. Compared to Sweden or South Korea we are worse off.

One possible reason for this is the population. Everyone is too busy with their life that they don’t want to think about the person next to them. I will give you one example – traffic in Hyd. Everytime I see a lorry taking a u-turn on a road without a traffic signal, I notice people trying to snake their way around the lorry. Wait for 3 minutes and I can guarantee that there will not be a traffic jam. It is quite simple to understand this logic but people do not want to spare that time. Exactly what do they want to achieve? Reach the next traffic light faster? Are they losing millions because they reach the office 10 mins later? Everyday I see a lot people trying to cross the road at Infosys, Hyd office. It is a risky thing because there are far too many vehicles swooshing by at high speeds. For all their reported profits why doesn’t Infosys build an overhead bridge? Doesn’t the company care for it’s employees?

If we reduce our population we might just value individuals a lot more than we do now. I might be completely wrong about this but it is probably worth a shot.

Please comment on the above points.


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