Optimisations on 5800

I updated my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and lo behold the whole thing is slow as a snail now. What’s worse? Their own DRMed (Digital Restrictions Management) concked off and won’t allow me to play the songs preloaded in the phone.  That did not bother me anyway because they had a terrible set of songs in the first place.

So I am asking Nokia – give me a job for optimising your operating systems (Series 60 Rel 5). I’ve done that on my game earlier and can do it again. On the other hand if things don’t get better Nokia will lose a loyal customer. Watch out for HTC is in town now.


QWERTY keyboards on touchscreen phones

Almost all the touch screen phones and some of the so called “smart phones” have a qwerty keyboard nowadays. It becomes a negative thing if a phone doesn’t have one. What baffles me is these so called “power users” have to use only the two thumbs to type. qwerty was never designed to work with two fingers (other than for Venu that is). So what’s all this hoopla? Why doesn’t a single phone manufacturer invest in new user interface design? It is, after a touch screen … right?