Time to boycott team India in cricket

Dear all.

It’s time to teach the high earners a lesson. Enough with the press coverage. The Indian players have earned well in the IPL2 and let us leave it there. Useless fielding, pathetic plan, horrible bowling and above all a star studded batting line up that got b*** raped in the end tells us all about how lousy this team has ended up. It could have been the fatigue from IPL2. In which case talk to Gilchrist, he did well after 1 yr of break. An opening partnership that was found lacking against bounce is as horrible as things can get. Why bother playing the game if all the chinks in the armour start from the helmet? Tell me one thing that this team did correctly (other than winning the toss). Even before the game started we lost Sehwag to IPL2. Then we lost the team spirit to the following controversy. These player don’t get paid insane amounts to let down a whole fkcing country. Probably Dhoni can now go home and use broadband internet instead of using Aircell’s facebook connection to stay in touch with his friends.

On a positive note (yeah) it’s good that India lost this game though. For the simple fact that they would have been gangraped by South Africa in the next game. Now we can watch the remaining part of T20 without adverts beating us down. Come to think of it why should I cheer a bunch of players who only manage to disappoint a whole country? Why should ANYONE cheer for BCCI (a private corporation) that does it’s best to squeeze money out without doing anything to better cricket in India? Why do all these players get so many chances inspite of failing pathetically? Time to raise the bar and say – If you fail even once, you are OUT of the team.

Now… who should I cheer? West Indies probably for having consistently surprised “top rated” teams. Or South Africa for being a team with so many players shouldering responsibility if even one other player fails to deliver. Heck even Ireland for producing Guinness dark stout… errr