X Files

Good GOD! WTF happened to the movie? Did they write the script on a day to day basis? It felt like the beginning and the end did not have any connection. Or was it just me? I was in a must see a movie mood. So I rang up a couple of friends and they were all busy watching the South Korea vs Cuba baseball finals in the Olympics. So I decided to go alone. Went to the Coex mall Megabox cinema hall, purchased a ticket for 8K Won (320INR), had a can of tomato juice and into the hall I walked. The movie started with the eerie music that’s been the signature for the X Files series. Umm that’s about it. That’s were it more or less ends being the X Files. Sure we have Mulder and Scully in the movie but they are nothing like Mulder and Scully. They don’t have that personality. Mulder has stopped watching pr0n and now collects paper clippings. He’s lost the knack of witty comments and Scully doesn’t have the strong skeptic persona anymore. To be frank it looked like an episode from CSI. Poor direction, inexistent story and terrible character portrayal. Worst sin of them all – do you know what kept the X Files so pure? Mulder and Scully had this intimate relationship. There was a lot of tension between them but never had they kissed each other in the series. This movie broke it. That was the last nail in the coffin. I officially declare the X Files series bland and sucked dry of any sensible entertainment. My suggestion to everyone – if you want to abuse it, watch the movie. Else just watch Dark Knight, once again. That’s exactly what I plan on doing, tonight. ha ha hah ahhah hahahhah hahah hah hahahhha hahaha hah ahhaa hahaha hahaha hah ah hah


3 responses to “X Files

  1. You know… I think the movie was good if it had been a made for TV movie that would have been a necessary prequel to a blockbuster movie. Yes Mulder and Scully have changed, but it can’t be any other way – you really think Mulder’s spirit would have remained intact after spending all the time tucked away, hidden from the government? The character development was amazing. What I think that the most disappointing thing about the movie was the shoddiness of the ‘paranormal’ plot. The premise didn’t seem at all strong enough to get the FBI to forgive Mulder for everything he had done in the past – there had to be something more, something more dangerous, more incidious and that had been going on for long enough a time that the Bureau would have felt desperate for Mulder’s help. And I’m sorry but there was definitely not enough paranormal going on at all.

    My review: a good movie to get your Mulder-Scully fix, but not to get your paranormal fix!

  2. Mulder and Scully have changed, but not for better. That’s my point. Every character that changes does so in a sequence of events that have a real purpose and cause. Mulder and Scully just changed. No reason nothing. Mulder was always good @ humorous and geeky comments. In this movie though his jokes are splat on the floor.
    Mulder was kicked out of the FBI @least once earlier. He faked his own death. That one was a lot more mature screening than this one.
    I think this was nothing but milking the trademark.

  3. Interesting. I disagree. I find that the sequence of events that is assumed to have molded Scully and Mulder into what they now are is credible.
    For the sake of argument, how would have portrayed Mulder and Scully so many years after the end of the show, Scully away from her baby, Mulder locked in a house and unable to do anything for fear of being found by the government?

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