They are all the same. They say different things but do the same thing as each other. How do I know this? Let me give you the example of the US Presidency because it’s the hotest thing right now. So, Bush Jr is definitely a war criminal. No proof? Well I am in no position to extract it from the depts of the dungeons underneath the President’s office. You know who is? The NEXT President. From the looks of it Obama will be the next President. If McCain were the next President things will continue the same. If Obama were the next President things will get interesting. First off he’s been talking about undoing the “damage to the US Constitution” that the current administration has done. It’s important to listen to what people say but it is equally important to understand what they are NOT saying. Obama is not saying that he will prosecute Bush Jr. No one in the Senate/Congress is. Why? That’s how it is in politics. “Change” is just a term for switching faces. Not the policies.

I thought Ron Paul was USA’s best hope but I heard that not many knew of him. I do not agree with everything that Ron Paul said but he would have been the biggest change that could have happened to the US. Unfortunately it won’t happen.


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