X Files

Good GOD! WTF happened to the movie? Did they write the script on a day to day basis? It felt like the beginning and the end did not have any connection. Or was it just me? I was in a must see a movie mood. So I rang up a couple of friends and they were all busy watching the South Korea vs Cuba baseball finals in the Olympics. So I decided to go alone. Went to the Coex mall Megabox cinema hall, purchased a ticket for 8K Won (320INR), had a can of tomato juice and into the hall I walked. The movie started with the eerie music that’s been the signature for the X Files series. Umm that’s about it. That’s were it more or less ends being the X Files. Sure we have Mulder and Scully in the movie but they are nothing like Mulder and Scully. They don’t have that personality. Mulder has stopped watching pr0n and now collects paper clippings. He’s lost the knack of witty comments and Scully doesn’t have the strong skeptic persona anymore. To be frank it looked like an episode from CSI. Poor direction, inexistent story and terrible character portrayal. Worst sin of them all – do you know what kept the X Files so pure? Mulder and Scully had this intimate relationship. There was a lot of tension between them but never had they kissed each other in the series. This movie broke it. That was the last nail in the coffin. I officially declare the X Files series bland and sucked dry of any sensible entertainment. My suggestion to everyone – if you want to abuse it, watch the movie. Else just watch Dark Knight, once again. That’s exactly what I plan on doing, tonight. ha ha hah ahhah hahahhah hahah hah hahahhha hahaha hah ahhaa hahaha hahaha hah ah hah



They are all the same. They say different things but do the same thing as each other. How do I know this? Let me give you the example of the US Presidency because it’s the hotest thing right now. So, Bush Jr is definitely a war criminal. No proof? Well I am in no position to extract it from the depts of the dungeons underneath the President’s office. You know who is? The NEXT President. From the looks of it Obama will be the next President. If McCain were the next President things will continue the same. If Obama were the next President things will get interesting. First off he’s been talking about undoing the “damage to the US Constitution” that the current administration has done. It’s important to listen to what people say but it is equally important to understand what they are NOT saying. Obama is not saying that he will prosecute Bush Jr. No one in the Senate/Congress is. Why? That’s how it is in politics. “Change” is just a term for switching faces. Not the policies.

I thought Ron Paul was USA’s best hope but I heard that not many knew of him. I do not agree with everything that Ron Paul said but he would have been the biggest change that could have happened to the US. Unfortunately it won’t happen.

Religion and the “art” of thinking for yourself

This post is one of my opinions on religion. If you are a theist and are offended by atheists please stop reading now. If on the other hand you’d like to have a discussion, please poke holes in my argument. I NEVER actively look for an argument with theists so don’t start one with me. However if I do get into one, I am willing to say things that you might rather not hear.

What’s the first thing that most religious people tell you – OBEY. Never question what’s in the book. Everything is depicted in black and white. Never in the shades. Morality is dictated by the author of a book, who is writing it in his own image. In this sense, if people were to think and analyse every single word, phrase and statement everything but the truth will sink in the sea of reason. That’s precisely why you are forced to take everything as it is written in the book.

I believe in evolution. I believe in the scientific process. It’s only process that allows itself to be critically analysed and if there are bugs allow itself to evolve into something better. In a way it’s a selfless act. Religious books on the other hand declare themselves to be above all the rules. In a way it is a monarchy while evolution is democracy. Most of the religions in the world state that you should be willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. If that’s the case then evolution and the scientific process is following these scriptures better than these books.

I do not doubt the importance of religion in our history. Some of the best songs were written in praise of the Gods. I listen to them. I enjoy them. I have nothing against religion when it produces something good. With art it is making people to think and create something pleasant for everyone. With the Crusades or the Jihad people are/have creating/created new and innovative methods to kill and massacre scores of people. At the same time many of the advances in medicine took place during these wars. However how many people had to die before a needle and thread solved a lot of the problems on the battlefield? There is good and there is bad. There is good that comes out of bad but only as a byproduct.

Why does religion discourage questioning the foundations on which it is built? I might be wrong here but it has everything to do with justification. If one had to prove that God exists, you have to start from the basic premise – Does God exist? Skip that question and build everything around the assumption that God already exists and things get a whole lot easier. Now you can define exactly how you want the society to function around you. In this way, religion is a form of control. A monarch’s ultimate weapon. When people fear something that they cannot comprihend, you can get them to do a lot of dirty things. The Crusade and the Jihad are the best examples of this. Scores of people dead and the conflict still exists. For what?

Parallels between Spooks and Ghost in the Shell

The more I watch the more similar I see the characters from these two series.

Spooks.Harry is similar to GITS.Aramaki

Spooks.Tom and Spooks.Adam are similar to GITS.Kusanagi

You have a hacker on both the shows. You have a brilliant gadget guy in both the series. Both the series are about internal security teams.

I am not saying that one is better than the other. They are definitely brilliant shows. I love them both. I recommend Spooks to anyone anytime. It is not the James Bond kind of movie where everything conveniently fits into a wrist watch. Above all – characters die and it is not always quite obvious when they’d die.