Laptop experience

Sooo… I bought a Compaq V2000 AMD Turion ML-32 laptop last weekend. Interesting how the laptop itself is nice.

What annoyed me was their concept of recovery CDs. First, they do NOT provide us with the Windows OS. Second they do not allow me to create two sets of their recovery CDs. I am stuck with this 7.5GB partition that has THEIR version of Windows (with all the clutter and crapware). My suggestion to EVERYONE – find a laptop vendor that supports linux (kernel) on their hardware, one that provides the drivers for linux. Laptops are more expensive than comparable desktops. I know, they are not the same but I find desktops a lot more OPEN than laptops. I can swap all of the parts out myself and I don’t need to pay a premium to these vendors just for a trademarked label.

I don’t see how these laptops are any different from Apple’s offering. All of them lock me down with a choice of monopolies.


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