The irony

It’s fascinating to read things like these. Why don’t they simulate the running in Secondlife or something? This whole Olympics thing is becoming a joke.

First I read the stories about China having terrible air quality. This is quite true. We in South Korea get the “yellow dust” exported from China along with other goods. Apparently some athletes and even the IOC noted this point.

Then I read the way China was building these stadia. They were tossing out people and grabbing their land.

Then I read about Chinese paramilitary forces “guarding” the torch on foreign soil.

Now I read that the route is heavily guarded by police (10K in number!). All this is somehow supposed to spread the message of sportsmanship. This whole ceremony will be a joke in India anyway. The people bearing the torch will most probably be the politicians and the actors. It’s about glamour and not sportsmanship.


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