Irritating things about internet or internet related things

This is not a post I expect to finish in one go.

The list:

– Flash on gnu/linux distros. I use Firefox exclusively on windows and on any flavour of gnu/linux btw. Pages with flash in them seem to load slowly and all the while the browser is frozen. This is not the case with Windows on the same system though.

– Firefox  on gnu/linux. Why, oh why, is Firefox so slow on the one platform that completely supports Mozilla’s idealogy?

– No being able to mute audio in flash. So I am listening to MS Subbalakshmi’s songs. Oh such a pleasant thing… and just then one of the pages in my Firefox tabs loads completely and it has a flash game in it and it proceeds to play the background music. What do I do? I close the tab and probably forget about the game after that.

– Banner ads. Ever tripped over the “smiley mines” that yell “Oh my god!! No way!”? A simple mistake like moving your mouse over the ad triggers this piercing audio. What do I do? I use Adblock 2 to block ads that are extremely intrusive. Otherwise I am ok with these ads.

– Prince of Indonesia or a son of Saddam Hussein mailing me about a business proposition. Gaah! This is the infamous Nigerian scam.

–  Non standards compliant webpages. Yes I know, you need to target IE6 and IE7. While I do not have the right to tell you what and how you should do things, I will definitely not read your webpage if I cannot view it properly in a W3C standards compliant browser.

–  Copying content off of a webpage/website and not giving credit. Don’t call this “mirroring”


2 responses to “Irritating things about internet or internet related things

  1. The banner ads and the nigerian scams are extremely harmful for those who are new to the internet, and just use it in rare occassions. Almost all my members of my family have fallen for those banner ads, especially those which say “You are the 10^10th visitor: claim your prize” and even some scam emails. Some websites do not even separate their content into adverts and real content.

    Now I always have a strict ad filtering enabled, otherwise the desktop miraculously fills up with strange .exe files. :O

    – “Copying content off of a webpage/website and not giving credit.”
    Some people who get their content “mirrored” are also to blame for not clearly stating what their content is licensed under. Blogs should clearly state in the footer or sidebar what license their content falls under. Although publishing anything automatically asserts a copyright. Still, I found a Creative Commons licensing widgets for wordpress: (scroll down for the english version)

  2. The law doesn’t say that you can or cannot puke on the table when others are eating. However it is basic etiquette to use a hanky while sneezing. Copyright law will not solve a deficiency in the culture.

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