Democracy is just a fashion statement

Every country in the world supports Democracy @least for the sake of saying they support. I believe democracy is a very good idea and must be implemented by all countries. The United States, the so called champion of democracy insists on spreading democracy to every corner of the world. Why, then, does history prove that US has rarely done that? South Korea became a true democracy in the late 1980s. Same is the story with Iran and Chile where the US overthrew legitimate democracies and installed puppet dictators.

Then there is the United Nations. The best example of double speak. Why are there five security council members who can veto any resolution? Why are they permanent? What is the basis for this? Is it because they were the countries that were powerful enough to beat Germany, Italy and Japan in WW II? If that is the case then “might is right” is what comes to my mind. Oh the hypocrisy.

Now US invaded Iraq talking about a dictator and wants to invade Iran inspite of Iran being a democracy. I think it is time to stop calling US a democracy altogether considering what happens in the Senate and in the White house.

North Korea is officially known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Huh? What democracy? My understanding of democracy is that the leaders of a nation are servants to the people not the other way round. The other way round is aristocracy.


2 responses to “Democracy is just a fashion statement

  1. Hi there, I just saw your post because it appeared under mine as a ‘related’ post.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting a comment here, I agree with a lot of what you say.

    This is a post I wrote which is similar:

    Is democracy such a good idea?
    What with China racing around the world generously funding countries that don’t have it and the US pouring money into any country that does, which political ideology is right? And is there such a thing as right and wrong In this case?

    We can’t choose our parents after all, and we trust them …

    Does our constant swing from left to right ensure constant progress is maintained?

    We have thousands of minds. Minds contributing essential wisdom, helping to develop world leading practices.

    But we also have millions of minds. Minds shaped by a comparatively small media …

  2. Democracy is the only reasonable system that I can imagine. Democracy in it’s true form implies that the people in power lose it. China is NOT a democracy. They never call themselves one. Concentration of power is what drives most people towards non-democratic systems. North Korea is just one example although a shining one. True democracy would mean a lot of chaos but it would also mean that people own up to their responsibilities. Apathy has no place in Democracy.
    Neither China nor US really think about democracy. The US has in many cases toppled genuine democracies (Iran for example) and installed dictators (Iran, Chile…) Democracy is just a phrase that the US uses. On the other hand China doesn’t go for doublespeak. It just funds regimes that will be on their side (Sudan, Burma/Myanmar).
    All ideologies are useless as long as there are power hungry people @ the top and apathetic citizens in the country.
    Democracy is a social theory and not economic. I do not believe that there exists a correct pure economic theory. Off the top of my head health, education, food an water related sectors should not have any profit motive. These are sectors that people cannot live without. Private ownership will only result in exploitation. Most other things can and should be privately held. I’d like to say that defence as a sector should have low funding and should be expressly for defence and not offence.
    You are welcome to poke holes in my opinions and you can freely say what you believe.

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