Wolf hunt in Seocho – Illustrated

It was that time of the day when you hate to get out of bed. Chester however can be a very good motivator. You see, he has this talent to nag people. Yes, he won on the morning of last Friday too. I dragged myself out of my bed, put on some warm clothes and when Chester and I looked out of the house I was jumping with joy because there was snow all over the place. It was as if mother Earth wrapped herself in a white blanket.

snow1 snow2 snow3

“Seoul, I pardon you for all the atrocities you had committed against me by denying snow for far too long”, I said and stepped outside. While I was enjoying the moment, Chester made a discovery. He noticed wolf tracks in front of our house. Chester told me that this is a very dangerous thing and we need to investigate and catch the wolf before he eats up all the snow. So that’s the reason I rarely get to see the roads covered in snow.

wolf1 wolf2

Off we went searching for clues. Chester first found that the trail led to the road perpendicular to ours.

wolf4 wolf3

So we went onto this road and Chester looked both ways on the road before concluding that we had just missed the wolf.

wolf5 wolf6

He gave me a know all stare and asked me if we must to pursue this wolf further.


I looked at the watch and told him that it was getting late for me and that I needed to get ready for work. He gave me that incredibly cute look and tried to convince me to pursue the wolf a little longer by writing his name in the snow.

chester stare1

I believe he’s been watching way too many Korean soaps for being this melodramatic and told him that it doesn’t work on me. He then wrote my name in the snow and said “How about now?”, wondering if atleast this would earn him some cute points.

cyrax stare2

It did. We went on a longer walk. This, however, was Chester’s undoing. It occurred to me that Chester could have planted evidence @ the crime scene. i.e; Chester must have managed to plant the paw prints near my apartment and then blamed it all on an imaginary wolf. I should have realised how skillful he was with his paws when I first saw his calligraphy skills. However, I needed evidence and I setup a trap. Sure enough, Chester fell for it and I caught him red handed while he was planting evidence. In the picture below I present to you evidence of Chester planting paw prints in the snow (watch the rear right paws).


For crimes against humanity, trying to implicate innocent wolves and abusing one’s cuteness for selfish gains Chester was sentenced to two days of solitary confinement. He is not to view any movies for three days and is forbidden from watching soaps for life. Chester has indicated that he has not intention of appealing the judgment.


4 responses to “Wolf hunt in Seocho – Illustrated

  1. I can’t believe I missed this story until today!

    Chester is so clever and dexterous. I wonder if he ever got his sentence lightened? Are his new parents aware of his skills? Maybe by now they are 😀

    Chester needs his own Dogster diary to share his plots with fellow K9s, maybe he can learn how not to get caught…

  2. Thank you Bloops. You should ask Chester’s new parents to post more adventure stories. He was adopted! That’s good news for him.

  3. Hello Karen.
    I am assuming that you are the LL admin Karen. He sentence was commuted to a lighter one because he managed to bribe the judge later on with another drama. How could the judge not fall for that? hehe. His new parents are 9 stops from my apartment in Seocho and he is apparently behaving well with them. Once it gets warmer, he will get the much needed exercise. A dogster page. Hmm. I never thought about that. Will pass on the message to his new parents.

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