It snowed!

 The clock read 7:15AM and Chester, my reliable alarm, was right on time to wake me up. “It’s too cold outside. Can’t we skip it today?”, I tried to reason with Chester. Unlike my mother, Chester is not willing to take no for an answer. My nagging roommate wants to go for a walk and he will do everything he can to ensure he gets it. So I got ready to go out, put on some warm clothes and let Chester out of his create. First I make him sit near the door. He needs to wait there till I allow him to come out. Then once out, he needs to sit calmly while I lock the door. “There is very little light today”, I told Chester but he was oblivious to the fact. It didn’t matter to him. A walk is a walk regardless of what the weather man says.

Once I could see the road I was exhilarated.  It was snowing and unlike the earlier days this year the snow actually covered the road. I love snow. It is pure and white and makes everything so bright. Thanks to Chester I can view the scene before it melts.


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