Unnecessary things in Firefox

Whenever start firefox, it updates my add-ons. This is a good thing BUT the biggest problem I have with it is the interface. After having updated the addons it is always stuck with this “Continue” button. Completely eliminate this and just start the browser after the update.


Nice movie – “Once”

I watched “Once” on Saturday and it was awesome! I loved it. Yes, it was a romantic theme but it was well made. The songs felt lively and had conveyed the guy’s emotions very well. Definitely worth watching. It is not the typical Hollywoodised or Bollywoodised movie mind you.

Bloody cold today

Brrr! I heard that it was -5 degrees Celsius today. It was similar yesterday along with a strong breeze. Add to that I went to Suwon to train a Jindo (more about it a little later) and it felt like millions of needles were pricking me. It was that cold a breeze yesterday!