I prepared Bruschetta on Saturday. I loved it so much that I made it on Sunday too. Some points that became evident:

– Try not to make an Indian version of it.

– No spices. The taste of Olive oil should be enhanced and not suppressed.

– Use garlic bread (or rub some garlic on the bread). This enhances the flavour of Olive oil.

– Use black pepper instead of red chilli powder.

– Use very little salt. Too much saltĀ  actually shadows the taste of Olive oil.


Quake wars

Whenever I played Quake wars I used to observe this weird slow down. Then if I start QW without rebooting the computer, it was impossible to play the game. So I finally joined #quakewars on IRC and posted the question. The slowdown is related to NV drivers try to accelerate both the displays. You can fix it by following these instructions :
Even though I use UE3 on a regular basis I’ve never observed any of these problems. Makes me wonder if this could OGL + NV specific problem