Too much Fox news and too many aircraft hijack movies

Stereotyping people has become a norm in the US. Hysteria is included in their daily dose of nutrients now. Just because someone looked at others in a “funny” manner, can you call him a bomber? How about throwing this lady in jail for improper conduct? If a drunk does that on a plane, he would be zapped and then arrested.The drunk is under the influence of alcohol while this lady is sober. She deserves a much harsher punishment.


2 responses to “Too much Fox news and too many aircraft hijack movies

  1. one of the reasons the US didn’t face an insurgence in West Germany and Japan after world war II is b.c. they attempted to re-engage in a fair and empathetic manner… american paranoia about ANYONE arab or even South Asian (Desi, Paki, Bengali, Afghani, etc.) is at an all time high — as is our might and towering stupidity…

    ugh… we need a better culture… soon…

    –rev m

  2. You are right. Fighting wars is only half the story. If the US engages in fair negotiations things will get much better. Two reasons people resort to violence – govt. does not listen to them till there is a loud enough bang, the other one is to destabilise the govt. You deal with the former by first recognising that it is a law and order (read: police) issue and not a military issue. The latter, well, you deal with it by helping the local population with development and then attack these terrorists.
    Actually the US did some Japanese “witch hunting” just after WW2, but then the supreme court intervened to put a halt to that.

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