Last weekend was awesome. I met Faye and her dog “Goldie”, a 10month old Golden Retriever for the second time. I have been training Goldie for two consecutive weekends now. Goldie is extremely gorgeous. Very intelligent but has a few issues with manners. She is quite curious and has a high prey drive. Extremely good personality and can be quite manipulative. I generally do not fall for “cuteness” but yesterday I fell for it once. I could not reprimand her because she was too cute.

She knows how to behave in front of  people. It all depends on the person whom she meets. If the person pampers her, she will manipulate them. If the person, like me, does not fall for things like cuteness she behaves well.

Yesterday it was extremely hot and humid. When Faye, Goldie and I went for a walk I was extremely exhausted. So was Goldie. Goldie was constantly panting. Fortunately the road was not too hot for her pads and we came back to Faye’s place fast enough. Then Goldie went as slept on the tiled floor because the tiles are extremely cool.

The first time  I met Goldie and Faye, Goldie was quite unruly. Faye knew the important aspects of dog training and did her homework. Faye commits only a few mistakes and all I needed to do was point them out for her. I must say that Faye is a responsible dog owner. Unlike some of the other dog owners Faye did her homework wrt pack structure. Faye did everything 90% right but that last 10% was what troubled her. She is one of the few dog owners who gives enough time for her dog. 2 x 45 mins walk everyday. Goldie is definitely a happy girl with all those regular walks.

So when I went to her place the first time, it took hardly anytime to correct Goldie’s bad habits. Faye could understand the little mistakes that she was committing. When I went to their place yesterday, Goldie was much better. Obviously Faye has been doing something right. I think it has more to do with her instinctive leadership. Goldie would not jump on me and was well behaved on the leash. Yesterday I did not even walk Goldie! I was just telling Faye when she committed a mistake, which btw were very few.

It has been my principle to NOT accept any money for the dog training that I do. Especially with someone like Faye who is responsible with her pet it would be my pleasure to help. Ofcourse she would buy lunch for me 😀 How can I turn down an offer to have good food? Yesterday we went to a place called “Dal”, an Indian cuisine restaurant, for lunch. It was nice. Really good food. Faye gave me a couple of books on training and I intend to read them as soon as possible.

Goldie should have understood her place in the pack. What we need to do now is train her to do some of the retriever things like fetching a ball/stick. Since she has a good prey drive this should be easy. We also need to train Goldie to “stay”. With a girl as happy as Goldie, training is quite easy and simple.


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