new pics

I went to the new KAPS shelter in Boeun on Sunday. The place has a nice view and is large enough for @least 200 animals. Cats, I believe, are the luckiest with a lot of space to run around.

I also met some foreigners who attended the opening ceremony.  The best part of it was the dogs. They had four dogs roaming around freely in a fenced area. People could pet them and play with them. The pack consisted one each of :

–  Pyrenean mountain dog aka Great Pyrenees

–  Alaskan Malamute

– Siberian Husky

– some pointer, I do not know the exact breed though.

While the first three were happy to meet people and be pet and played with, the pointer was too nervous and was actually demanding attention. On three occasions the pointer attacked the Pyrenees. I could see it coming right from the moment I entered the pen holding these dogs. I was actually more afraid that the pointer might hurt the kids.  Fortunately nothing really bad happened.

I would actually blame the people who entered the pen without knowing what they were getting into. They would pet the pointer everytime the pointer would nudge them, jump on them, come between them and another dog, show its teeth to them etc;. All this did was to reinforce the idea that the pointer could get what he wanted when he showed aggression/dominance.  I did not pet the pointer and pushed him off of me when he jumped on me, then stared intently into the pointer’s eyes. I think that the pointer got the idea and would avoid me always. I did not have to “sneak” out of the pen. I just walked upto the gate, opened it and closed it behind me.

Also I could not see a collar around any of the dogs. It would have been so nice to have a collar around their neck because I could hold them back very easily. Anyway, all’s well and that ends well.

Some of the pics from yesterday. <- from my camera  <- From Gordie’s camera


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