EA’s inexistent but pathetic support

So they made Battlefield 2. No single player only multiplayer. Also if you do not have an internet connection, too bad you’ve just been fked. Just to launch the menu screen one has to login to EA servers. I’ve always been irritated by this “feature” of theirs.

Today it got worse. I cannot even play the game that I BOUGHT because THEIR fking servers are down. What kind of nonsense is this? If they made this “feature” to ward off the so called pirates, how come they are negligent with their maintanence?  It’s a MULTIPLAYER ONLY GAME! How difficult is it to understand the responsibility that they have when they assumed the authority? The login server always took ages to authenticate, now it’s dead. Did it not tell EA that something was broken? Oh let me think… EA by definition has bad support eh.


4 responses to “EA’s inexistent but pathetic support

  1. So EA has bad support. But if you knew it was multiplayer-only, and you knew EA had bad support, why did you buy the game ? There must be lots other games to choose from.

  2. Dear Andrew.
    First – Think before you post a comment on the comments list. Read my post three times before you start making assumptions.
    Second – guess what I am doing now? I am already following your “suggestion”. I stopped playing that game after that “eventful” day.
    Third – The reason that EA continuous to be this bad at support is because of lack of reaction from people. I posted that entry so that people will KNOW that EA has bad support.
    Fourth – I never knew that you are forced to login even before seeing the options screen. Even Quake 3 is multiplayer only but did ID ever force you to create an account and login?

  3. Woah! No need to get aggressive. Well, first of all people shouldn’t buy a game or a software just relying on its brand mark. When someone buys an EA title just because its splashed ‘EA’ and without reading reviews or trying out the game, its just plain wrong. EA got its profit, and once they’ve got it they stop caring for the customer. They don’t give a damn whether the customer plays it or throws it away.

    Its the same as someone using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox just because IE is made by Micro$oft and remarking ‘well m$ has a good reputation so I’ll use IE’.

    On the other hand, if you’re warning potential customers, then all the better. We could use some negative publicity for EA. Sorry for assuming your intention wrongly.

  4. I am not sure where gave you the “aggressive” impression.
    I think I need to remind you to read my First point in the first reply.
    Coming to reviews – I do not really trust those reviews anymore. I’ve lost it sometime back. It’s the same thing like buying a game with EA splash screen. Just because a review states that a game is good, I cannot trust them.
    The reason I bought the game, is because I liked the gameplay. BF1942 was too slow on the top end systems during those days. Incredibly slow loading times. So I did not buy it. I saw someone @ office play BF2 and I liked it. Eventually I bought it. I also saw him play BF2142 and it was bad too. I did not buy it either.
    DICE made a good game and I will acknowledge it. I will definitely appreciate a good product/gesture from even the meanest of the companies/individuals. I would want to see EA turn into a good company and continue to publish good games. I think that only customers can “convey” their dissatisfaction and give them a rude awakening.

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