Oh the govt!

Why, oh WHY do they create laws that make no sense? The case where a woman, if she claims that she has been raped by some guy results in the guy getting arrested immediately. Then there is the abuse of the domestic/dowry harassment. If the girl claims that the in-laws are harassing her, everyone is behind bars. It’s a case of guilty by default.

Now a days I hear about the troubles people face at the passport office. The Americans want to set up an embassy in Hyderabad but the govt cannot issue passports properly? That too after paying a hefty sum. I have a solution for this problem. Have surveillance cameras in the premesis and INSIDE the building. These are govt. employees and they do not need to worry about secrecy and nonsense. The only thing secret that goes on there is under the desk business aka bribes. If they install cameras atleast people can use it as proof when harassed. If Dawood Ibrahim fled from India using a fake passport, it sends out the wrong signals to common citizens who TRY to get a passport the proper way.


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