Sports. What’s next

Currently Olympics are being played by people who represent their country.

The Indian cricket team is officially known as Team India because the team doesn’t represent India, but a corporate entity named BCCI. Same is the case with the Australian team .

Baseball teams started dropping any country/city/state references a long time back and calling themselves Hawks, Titans etc; I also hear that Baseball teams from Japan take on the names of their corporate sponsors like the Hawks calling themselves Softbank Hawks or Daeiei Hawks.

There are wars being in Africa for corporate interests. The blood diamonds of Sierra Leone. Nigerian oilfields being the battlefield for oil companies (Shell ??). Democratically elected govt. are toppled if they do not serve the vested interests of these corporates. How long before people start killing each other wearing the jerseys of corporates?

Imagine the next Crusades. Boeing vs Airbus.  Will there be Knights Lockheed Martin on the lines of the Knights Templar?

I do not like religion being used a tool to hurt humanity. I dread a future when corporates will take over this mantle from religion.


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