9Dragons – nice game

So… even I joined the bandwagon of MMORPGs. http://9dragons.acclaim.com/

I shunned Secondlife – too crowded and not my style. I thought about WoW, but then I heard of Blizzard musceling  some guy trying to sell his “guide to WoW”. That was not the primary reason I did not like WoW though. When I looked @ the game I observed that it was yet another LOTR based game. I got bored of it. Though I love WC3 TFT from Blizzard (and the DotA custom game) I somehow could not imagine myself going through those long hours of boring travel. I see my colleagues spend their lunch time travelling on these birds/beasts. I am not saying WoW is bad game, I am just saying its not to my liking.

Enter Acclaim:

Then I read an article on http://www.gamasutra.com about Acclaim and their experiments. I came across three of their MMORPGs – Bots, 2Moons, 9Dragons. I loved the concept of 9Dragons. RPG with martial arts (rather than LOTR inspired characters). I cannot say that the game is without bugs. I cannot even say its easy to start off. It definitely needs to be refined but it has a lot of potential. The best thing is that you can get help from the forums.

You can try it out for free (its open beta right now).  http://9dragons.acclaim.com/


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