Korean Movies that I liked till date


My Sassy Girl is a romantic comedy.


aka Geumja ssi  aka Sympathy for Lady Vengeance


A bday party that wasn’t

I saw an entry “Shin’s bday” in my google calendar. So I whipped up the team to give him a surprise party. Jack and I went to get an awesome dutch chocolate cake and some of the other people in the team bought some snacks. Everything was meticulously planned. When we called Gwang into the meeting room and said “surprise!” it was surprise indeed. Gwang tells us that it is not his bday today. Well yeah surprise. That’s because I fked up today. The whole day I have been doing stupid things but this takes the icing on the cake (literally). The day is only half through, I wonder what else will come along.

9Dragons – nice game

So… even I joined the bandwagon of MMORPGs. http://9dragons.acclaim.com/

I shunned Secondlife – too crowded and not my style. I thought about WoW, but then I heard of Blizzard musceling  some guy trying to sell his “guide to WoW”. That was not the primary reason I did not like WoW though. When I looked @ the game I observed that it was yet another LOTR based game. I got bored of it. Though I love WC3 TFT from Blizzard (and the DotA custom game) I somehow could not imagine myself going through those long hours of boring travel. I see my colleagues spend their lunch time travelling on these birds/beasts. I am not saying WoW is bad game, I am just saying its not to my liking.

Enter Acclaim:

Then I read an article on http://www.gamasutra.com about Acclaim and their experiments. I came across three of their MMORPGs – Bots, 2Moons, 9Dragons. I loved the concept of 9Dragons. RPG with martial arts (rather than LOTR inspired characters). I cannot say that the game is without bugs. I cannot even say its easy to start off. It definitely needs to be refined but it has a lot of potential. The best thing is that you can get help from the forums.

You can try it out for free (its open beta right now).  http://9dragons.acclaim.com/