The all new MSN Live! But the same old shit.

Where does this end?
MSN messenger has been the beacon of hopelessness for a long time now. Live! version just got worse. Here is a list of points that make me wonder as to what the developers were thinkin, what the testers were testing and what the project managers consider features.

– Send instant message. Ok so exactly how am I supposed to send a message to people who are online? Right-click on the MSN tray icon, “Send an instant Message” and then… oh I see. What a mess. There are groups in which you can organise the contacts. Does it make sense to alphabetically order every contact including the groups? Exactly how is this list a grouped list? The group tags are also
alphabetically sorted in the above list. In the MSN 6.x version, I could double click on the contact to open a messenger window but now, it toggles a check box.I do understand the ‘feature’ that you can simultaneously send a message to many people at once. But this ‘feature’ forces me to add all of my contacts to a conf room.

– I have the habit of pasting URLs in my status message. This is so that people could view this URL if they want to, instead of me spamming them with URLs. So exactly how do people click this URL? No way to do that. The status message is not copyable and is not considered as a possible URL. So the person has to type that string into his browser, quite a feat to get it right, I would say.

– Goto my inbox. Ofcourse Microsoft does not honour its own registry keys regarding the default web browser. So this is a feature I rarely use.

– Message History window has some serious issues. The names of the people in the “From” and “To” columns are clipped and strangely I cannot even change the width of these columns.

Things that I like in MSN messenger.
Shared folders. Awesome idea.