News from the bonded labourers

2 yrs or 5 lakhs INR bond.

4 yrs or 10 lakhs INR bond.

That sounds astonishing to people who do not belong to this generation of the IT labour force. Possibly the single most taboo subject as of today is bonded labour.

Yes companies recruit students from universities and ask them to sign a bond before joining in. Its a different subject that many of them do not enforce it, but the very fact that this system exists is proof of what globalisation is doing to India. Companies call it retention policy. The real reason is that these companies do not offer enough incentive to stay back. If I work on a no brainer project for 2 yrs, I end up being one. For the people who need to think sharp, working on nonsense projects will only make them dumb.

Strangely though, I am not aware of even a single case which was fought. I am sure there are some cases out there. Having non-compete agreements is one stupidity, but having this bond policy is **@#$.

Where does this concept originate in the first place? Is it the slave mentality of the Indians? Is it that the law does not function properly? Is it that the politicians who bicker about office of profit do not care about the well being of the people?

The company does have a right to be profitable. Does that mean that its @ any cost? After being recruited, what if the company slashes the salaries? What if you cannot get a pay hike? How will an employee ever get out of it?

Contrary to the picture being painted by these companies, if an employee jumps ship often, why then do they hire him in the first place? Its not that they fear losing business, but they fear that employees will soon realise that the kind of work they are doing is full of bullcrap. Boring with no possible scope for career advancement.

Does the company's right to profit over rule my right to earn?


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