Alaskan Malamute

Being extremely bored, I went to an animal shelter referred to me by a lady known to me only as Laetitia. This one is far away from Seoul, infact closer to DMZ than my place :P.

Anyway, it took me 2hrs to reach this place and the journey was awesome. Wide landscapes, lush greenery filled most of the route. Once I got to the shelter, i had to contact a person who can speak english, for I was not there to adopt a dog/cat but just to visit the shelter. This shelter claims to have around 1000 dogs. I cannot confirm the number but they sure did have a lot of dogs. I did not visit every dog/dog cell but I asked the kind gentleman to show me the large dogs section. It was here that I saw one of the most beautiful looking dogs – Alaskan Malamutes. I am personally a fan of the GSD, but the Malamute is definitely a fine looking dog. It resembles a wolf infact. Oh how I wish I could adopt one. The only problem being that my apartment is in a locality that doesnt really have any place to take dogs for a walk. Besides my apartment is kind of small, not good enough for two people (yes I count a dog a person). Oh and did I tell you these malas/huskies can survive in hot temperatures with reasonable help (like making water available all the times).

Anyway coming back to the breed, the Malamute/mallie/mala is a breed that looks quite similar to the Siberian Huskie. If placed side by side it would be quite difficult to distinguish between the two. Malas are larger than the huskies. While the huskies originated in the cold planes of Siberia, the malas are native to the alaskan region. Malas are well built, strong and have a good temper too. This is what I could concur from the documents online. Reading helps to a certain extent. But is the breed really like this? Well I saw three malas in the shelter and two huskies. All five dogs were very entusiasitc about visitors. They would not bark unlike some of the other dogs. When I approached the cage they really wanted to give me a lick, so I allowed them to lick my palm hehe. But these are fine breeds. Really fine ones. Sad that I cannot adopt one.

Though for those of you who consider adopting a huskie, I must warn, they have a nasty reputation of escaping from their houses/dens. They are stubborn and need a firm training. I personally heard many people tell me the horrors they have gone through with the huskies. I did not hear the same about the malas though. Of course the GSD is one of the best and intelligent dogs that I ever came across.

The other dog that I like a lot is the jindo, a native corean dog. Please note that the jindo is regarded as a protected animal and as such export of these dogs is banned (whatever be your reason). So refrain from adopting one if you need to move away. I did hear though, that the white jindo is not covered by this law, but its always best to check for yourself. The jindo is unlike any other dog. It is more like a cat than a dog. They manage to climb walls and not all that afraid of heights (I have seen a jindo do this infront of my eyes). I am sure there was a cat that got invovled in the history of this animal ;).


karama is exclusively in corean. 


2 responses to “Alaskan Malamute

  1. I own a Mal…a wooly. She is gorgeous. She was rescued through AMRONE, a New England rescue group. These dogs are not anyone’s golden retrievers. They challenge authority and always want to know why you expect them to do something. I think people don’t research the background of these magnificent animals, get them, and realize they are not willing to put the work in that it takes to have a good Mal. Having said all this, I would own no other breed of dog. They are extraordinary animals, friendly enough to enjoy anyone who comes to your house, imposing enough to make strangers stay outside your door. They are very clean, almost catlike and while they do not bark very often (mine, never) they do make a number of unique vocalizations. Mine, at times, sounds the the wookie in Star Wars. They tend to discuss anything with you that they feel is important. (Mal owners know exactly what I’m talkng about) In the end, with a small space, you are probably better off without a Mal, though they are wonderful!

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