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That is what some of the webpages have become. Open this url

Now the minute, you move your cursor over the ad on the top, up comes this HUGE flash ad. If its not intrusive and irritating then what else is it? Is THIS what is the new age of advertisement? Who is the idiot who came up with this idea in the first place?

Note: This is not the first website where I have seen these ads. Its just that this ad happens to be on the top and when I use the mouse to click the tab on the top and move it down to take it out of the view, I get this horrible horrible ad.

Trouble with C++

C/C++ have the philosophy that you must divide the code into manageable parts. Classes, methods/functions are services that are provided.

However there are times when I cannot use these methods/functions primarily because a method/function call has some overhead. In some cases this overhead, though pretty small for a single call, adds up to large enough that it becomes imperetive to avoid using functions.

I would however, like to still break the code up into readable pieces. I am not aware of any construct that would do something like what #define does, only much cleaner. inline keyword is only a request to the compiler, not a command. So how do I solve this? If you have seen the code that I saw, you would faint. I am not blaming the programmer who wrote it, just feeling pity for him for having to go through all this just because C++ does not provide a decent construct to do that.