Are the laws of certain countries helping lazy programmers and greedy companies?,70857-0.html?tw=wn_index_6

If there are laws that say that if you access someone's network and they term it to be unauthorized, you go to jail, then that is enough reason for companies to not bother about security. Imagine the same thing with a credit card company. Every good citizen who infiltrates their network to show that their systems are vulnerable is doing them free consultation. The guy who says that is tracked and prosecuted while a cracker who just steals money from accounts is never even traced. Is it a case of sour grapes? Or is it just to ensure people do not speak of the vulnerabilities?

If this keeps going, then it is just enough reason for these companies to put an EULA with these clauses. Also they can start ignoring any of the alarms raised by people because if someone does, (s)he will be sent to jail. That is enough detterrent for true hackers to keep quiet. or is it?

Are these laws contradictory to common sense? If so the people who make these laws and the people who enforce these laws have to get their mind checked. Maybe its not the people who make the laws but the people who enforce them. I do not know, but the bottom line is its absolute stupidity. Only hackers can stop crackers, not law enforcement officers. Trying to solve a problem like this by making laws is absolute stupidity. Hackers are precious. There are very few left anyway. Jedi order being destroyed by the sith/republic eh. 


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