numa numa iei

I was in a pizza shop (Mr. Pizza, made for women) and I saw this TV show. A few girls in school uniforms in a class room await some guys who enter the room and then perform some dances infront of the girls. Suddenly there was a music video and I realised that one of the girls is a pop singer. Her video : nuna nuna ye~… caught my eye. Funny. Really funny. I do not know what she sings but it caught my eye. Today I had to hunt around to find the video of that pop-singer.

I am posting it here:

A little more digging and I found that it is a rip off of anothe pop-video. The original one is by a Romanian group called O-zone and called "Dragostea Din Tei" aka "Numa Numa". Here is the Youtube link:

WARNING: This one is horrible. Italian version I believe 


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