we the people, they the politicians

From an Indian citizen:

 The govt of India knows only a few things well. Poking the nose in affairs they have no right to interfere in, getting political mileage out of everything they can.

 Reservations… is this some sort of joke? You idiots want to introduce reservations ONLY because you cannot do anything real that can do good to Indians. All of you fking politcal parties have the same things in mind. For over 50yrs you have been taking the people of India for a ride. You take our money (read: tax) and fill your personal coffers. If you politicians really represent the people of India, why do you go around in BMWs and Mercs? Does every Indian have a car?

IT has been successful in India ONLY because you arseholes did not see it coming up. So you did not meddle with it. Look @ it, your mistakes are doing good for the country.  Now to clense yourself of that mistake you want to introduce reservations. If you really want to elevate the poor and eliminate poverty, give them economic boost. NOT fking reservations. Your Natwar Singh, Lalloo Yadav and a WHOLE fking list of ministers are scamsters. They will NEVER get caught. Just invite the Britishers back. They will @least treat us the way they think of us – slaves.

 Is it the case that only when all these politicians are wiped out that India will ever come on top?


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