Remote desktop from gnu/linux to windows

I bought an LCD, connected it to my gnu/linux computer. Now I had my LCD ready. However when working in the office, I had to use a CRT because my main machine has a CRT. I started looking around to see if 'Remote desktop' is available for gnu/linux.

After a little bit of searching I found the rdp protocol. Windows XP has something that uses this "Remote Desktop Connection". A little more searching brought me to rdesktop. You can install it on Debian by 'apt-get install rdesktop'.

Man pages for rdesktop revealed the commandline arguments. I use the  following command:

desktop -f -u drwho -a 24 -r sound:off

I have to provide the -r sound:off switch because of some problem with the sound. If I try to play a sound file from my rdesktop (winamp->play), I get some ridiculous DirectSound error.

What this means is that I have to have my headphones connected to the windows machine. 

Now I can use my LCD and still do the development.


There seems to be a lag with the keys (key repeats). Will try to figure it out. 


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