So its Suresh Raina this time…

It happened again. Suresh Raina won a match and the media is after him. He is the GOD now. A cpl of months ago it was Dhoni, years ago it was Sachin.

What happens now? My guess is, he will be pounded by the media very soon. Sachin has had it. Ganguly has had it. I believe Dravid will soon have it.

When I was following the match the other day (Ind vs Eng, 2nd One Day), I knew that someone would rescue the game. Raina did. At the end of it, I started wondering what will do about this match's hero. Predictably they have made him a hero already. Lets see what Raina will end up like say 6months later.

I ask the media of India, why do you make a guy a hero (words plz) just a few matches into the career. Then pull him down when he fails? Dont you have anything better to do? If these masala inducing articles are all you have to show for your careers think about it… get a grip on your profession. Stop fking around with other ppl's lives and careers.


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